The Process of Building an Entrepreneurial Venture

This Course focuses on how the entrepreneur plans for the launch of a new business. The Course begins with a realistic look at entrepreneurship, including options from inheritance to startup, and analyzing the market ecosystem. It then moves into the entrepreneurial process and initial steps for forming a new venture, and finally to the analysis of five types of risk and the mechanics of writing of a business plan.


Prof. George Abe

Prof. George Abe


George Abe is a lecturer and Faculty Director of the Strategic Management Research (SMR) Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His teaching responsibilities include entrepreneurship, business plan development and field study program advisories. SMR is the field study program, required of all Executive MBA students.

He was Business Development Manager for the UCLA Office of Intellectual Property, which is responsible for patent protection and commercialization of UCLA research.

Previously, he was a venture partner with Palomar Ventures, a VC firm in Santa Monica, California. Before Palomar, he was a Business Development Manager at Cisco Systems. Prior to that he was with Infonet Services Corporation (NYSE:IN, now BT) where he designed Infonet’s IP data service.

From 1998 until 2006, he was a member of the board of directors of Switchcore AB, a publicly traded fabless semiconductor designer in Sweden. He has also held board of director positions with various startup companies and not-for-profit organizations.

He is the author of Residential Broadband, which presents an analysis of high-speed residential networking, published by Cisco Press.


B.A. Mathematics, UCLA
M.S. Business, Quantitative Methods, UCLA


Course Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Plot a set of milestones for a new business, showing a plan to move from starting up to “the promised land” and justify the plan.
  • Use the concept of a Minimum Viable Product to create a plan to test-market your business idea.
  • Formulate actions to be taken on each of the business-launch details for a given business idea.


Module Components:

Video Lectures:

  • Entrepreneurship is a Process, Not a Person
  • Generating, Evaluating and Selecting Ideas
  • Key Initial Steps to Form an Enterprise
  • On Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Ventures


  • Starting a Business: The Idea Phase
  • 10 Steps to Starting a Business
  • 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Case Study:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure (Continued-Part 1)


  • The Process of Building an Entrepreneurial Venture


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