NUS HRLP 4 – The Future of Work: HR Leadership

According to an article by National University, the human resources leader is a key link between management and the employee workforce and excelling in a human resources career means honing your leadership qualities and skills. This course provides an understanding of the HR leadership required in the workforce of the future. The course builds a foundation for developing psychological safety and empathy in the workplace and provides an understanding of what a progressive employer looks like. The course also provides an understanding of the future of work in terms of the work itself, workforce, and workplace.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a keen sense of what HR leadership looks like in the future of work.


Prof Michael Jenkins

Prof Michael Jenkins

Adjunct Associate Professor, Management and Organisation, NUS Business School

Michael is facilitator and coach for Human Resources, Human Capital and Leadership programmes, together with sustainability programmes, organisational development programmes and change programmes (Singapore/SE Asia and UK/Europe). Michael is currently working on understanding the impact of technology on people in organisations: where emotional intelligence (EI) meets artificial intelligence (AI). His EI/AI Nine Box Grid has been developed to enable organisations to have good strategic conversations about their progress (or lack of) on both the human and non-human dimensions of organisational life. He was co-author of the Human Capital Leadership Institute’s latest research Human Capital Prisms which looks at ambidexterity, agility, appreciative enquiry and authentic human capital practices. The core thought leadership areas include altruism, compassion and empathy together with Purpose- and Values-driven organisations and sustainability. The UK’s HR Magazine named Michael as one of the UK’s Most Influential Thinkers in Human Resources in 2014 and again in 2016.

Michael is facilitator and designer of Humanising the Workplace (supported by SHRI, 2020); Programme Director (design/delivery) of the NUS EMBA Managing Human Capital module (2020); co-facilitator on a leadership programme for SMU Libraries (with the Entheo Network, 2020); facilitator for Organisation Design Essentials for CIPD Asia; customised programmes for NUS Business School (NTUC Enterprises, Bank Indonesia). Also, Michael is facilitator on the Singapore Business Leaders Programme (Doing Well and Doing Good in Asia: Human Capital Practices and Sustainability) and co-theme-weaver for the programme; facilitator on Human Resources Leadership Programme (Making Human Capital Human); facilitator on the Global Leadership Programme (Doing Well and Doing Good in Asia); facilitator on the Asian Financial Leaders Programme (The Intersection of Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence).


Learning Objectives:
  • Develop a keen sense of what HR leadership looks like in the future of work.
Module Components:

Video Lectures:

  • Business and the Value of Nature
  • Psychological Safety TED Talk from Amy Edmondson
  • Skills HR Leaders Need to Master
  • HR Leader’s Role in Shaping Organizational Culture
  • Empathy Animation from Brené Brown
  • How HR Leaders can prepare for the future
  • The Three Components of Self-Compassion with Kristen Neff


  • World Council for Sustainable Business Development Vision 2050 – Time to Transform
  • Psychological Safety Whitepaper By Gervase R. Bushe
  • Empathy Starts with Curiosity
  • What is the Future of Work: Redefining Work, Workforces, and Workplaces
  • Beyond 2020: DNA of Progressive Employer
  • ACE in your Hand
  • Study on the Impact of Technology on Human Resource Jobs & Skills


  • The Future of Work: HR Leadership


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