NUS AMP 4 – Marketing Strategy and Growth Hacking for Scale

Marketing is ever evolving and it has especially evolved after the pandemic. In this course we will understand the new mindset for marketing strategy after the pandemic. We will learn about how to create the end-2-end customer experience; B2B: ABM, new sales funnel mindset; B2C: Customer individualization. We would also try to understand the concepts of growth hacking for driving scale. We will go in depth and understand Who is the customer; the rise of performance marketing; benefits of data analytics for marketing and sales. Lastly we will learn the importance of brand building – corporate brand as well as personal brand.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the Emerging consumer trends in a post-pandemic world.
  • Creating the end-2-end customer experience
  • Familiarize yourself with the concept, channels, tools and tactics of growth hacking.
  • Learn the importance of personal brand and brand architecture.


Prof. Markus Keiper

Prof. Markus Keiper

With over 20 years’ experience from Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), Rolls-Royce, MTU, Airbus Group, Airbus Cybersecurity, DTACT Data Analytics, National University of Singapore & Singapore Management University Executive Education (lecturer & program director) and AIESEC (NGO), Markus has helped start-ups, medium to large organisations and individuals grow and achieve significant transformational milestones.

With his passion & energy Markus has been successfully transforming SME’s & global organisations around the world since 1994. He applies his expertise to transform slow, change resistant and highly complex silos into integrated and agile multi-cultural units.

Through his human-centric, versatile and value-driven approach Markus is able to create business growth driven solutions for all, customers, shareholders, communities and internal stakeholders. He is able to broaden his client’s perspective from internal focus to a data science driven and technology embracing roadmap.

By combining his passion for customer centric value creation with his skills as a certified change management practitioner and Marshall Goldsmith coach, Markus has successfully created visible and sustainable change. He is able to release the motivational skills and the know-how of all individuals to form a high-performance team with the spirit of exponential growth.

Markus’ success is based on combining people centric, fully integrated, innovative, disruptive and customer driven engagement strategies with best-in-class industrial  as well as start-up processes from top brands, like Rolls-Royce, MTU, Mercedes-Benz/Daimler, Airbus and DTACT.  He has been contributing to businesses in Asia since 2002.


Learning Objectives :-
  • Gain an understanding of what marketing is and its importance.
  • Know about the nuances of marketing post the pandemic.
Module Components :-

Faculty Videos :-

  • Conversation between Prof Markus & Kaveen – Part 1
  • Conversation between Prof Markus & Kaveen – Part 2
  • Metaverse and its impact on Marketing

Video Lectures :-

  • The Principles of B2B Marketing
  • Introduction to Omnichannel Strategy
  • Evolution of marketing analytics with Mike Mickunas (Former Global Vice President of Insights and Analytics at Kellogg’s)

Readings :-

  • Dolan – Note on Marketing Strategy
  • Emerging consumer trends in a post-pandemic world
  • The future of B2B sales
  • Big Data, Analytics and the Future of Marketing & Sales
  • How Companies Learn Your Secrets
  • Three Short Marketing Analytics Case Studies to Inspire You to Love Data
  • Omnichannel in B2B Sales
  • The big reset: Data-driven marketing in the next normal
  • How can marketing analytics help marketers achieve brand success.
  • Metaverse continuum: Enter a new era of digital change
  • Technology vision 2022: Meet me in the metaverse
  • Value creation in the Metaverse
  • Digital Twins: Potential: Of Constant Optimization In The Consumer Product Industry
Learning Objectives:
  • Familiarize yourself with the concept, channels, tools and tactics of growth hacking.
Module Components:

Faculty Video:-

  • Growth Hacking for Driving Scale

Video Lectures :

  • How to Create Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Strategy for 2023
  • B2C Marketing Strategies – Dinesh Moorjani on Marketing B2C and the Buyer’s Journey
  • B2B2C Go-to-Market – Marketing Expert Chat
  • Growth Hacker Marketing: “Growth Hacking: How to Acquire 100K Users”
  • How to Grow a Small Business: growth marketing for startups: “Growth Hacking To A Billion Dollar Marketplace”
  • Famous Growth Hacks Used by Airbnb
  • 5 Ways Startups Can Drive Massive Organic Growth
  • Chat GPT – The Ultimate Beginners Guide


  • Hubspot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0
  • Why every business needs a full-funnel marketing strategy
  • Achieving Network Effect Through Growth Hacking
  • Essential Tools For Business Growth
Learning Objectives :-
  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of personal branding and brand architecture.
Module Components :-

Faculty Video : 

  • Importance of Brand Building

Video Lectures :-

  • What Is Brand Architecture (House Of Brands v Branded House Examples)
  • Brand Architecture
  • Personal Brand








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