NUS AMP 2 – Case Competition

We would like to introduce the case competition to all of you, which will begin now and culminate on May 20. As a part of this competition, you will be working in teams which have been made randomly. The following are the timelines for the competition :-
– Team members to connect with each other at the earliest and discuss the case and their presentations amongst themselves for the next 3 weeks until April 15.
– After the end of 3 weeks, there would be two optional check-in sessions scheduled for each team with Mr. Oussama. I will reach out to each team with his availability to set up an appropriate time and the teams will need to submit their queries or doubts in advance for the check-in session. These check-in sessions would be for 20 minutes each and would be scheduled in the weeks of April 17, April 24 and May 1.
– Following the above, teams will present in front of their peers and faculty members on May 6 (calendar invite would be shared shortly). Presentation time will be 7 minutes and Q&A time 3 minutes. You can refer to the attached document for the scoring criteria. 
– Top 5 teams will be announced post the above, based on peer and faculty review scores. These teams will then get another optional check-in session with Mr. Oussama to further fine-tune their presentations for the final review session scheduled for May 20. This check-in session would be for 20 minutes and would be scheduled in the weeks of May 8 and May 15.
– The final review would also be done by the peers and faculty members on May 20 (calendar invite would be shared shortly), following which the top 2 teams would be announced. The scoring criteria for the same would be shared at a later date.