Management and Leadership Principles

This Course concerns two more basics every business person must master: marketing and managerial leadership. The Course begins with classic marketing principles such as features/benefits, the 3 Cs, segmenting and defining a target market, and the 4 Ps. It then shifts to differentiating and honoring both management and leadership skills, diving in on each element of the POLC[S] model of managerial excellence, and ending with important thoughts about a manager’s ethics.


Prof. Miguel Unzueta

Prof. Miguel Unzueta


Miguel Unzueta is an Associate Professor of Management and Organizations at UCLA Anderson School of Management. His research explores how people understand their position within social and interpersonal hierarchies and the impact this understanding has on their perceptions of self, others, and group-based inequality.

Professor Unzueta teaches the core organizational behavior course for full-time MBA students (@MGMT 409). In 2010, he was awarded the George Robbins Assistant Professor Teaching Award.  More recently, he was selected by Poets & Quants as one of the best 40 business school professors under age 40.

Professor Unzueta is currently serving on the editorial board of Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies and is a member of the Riordan Programs’ advisory board.

Course Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan specific steps to bridge the gap between the current state and the desired state bringing both managerial and leadership skills to bear.
  • Create a RACI chart that shows how work on specific tasks should be allocated.


Module Components:

Video Lectures:

  • Defining Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizing and Allocating Resources


  • Top 10 Leadership qualities of a Project Manager
  • Strategic Leadership: The Essential Skills
  • Relationship between Personality and Managerial Performance
  • The Leadership Traits and Skills of Eastern Indian And Afghan Women

Case Study:

  • Drastic Publishing (Continued – Part 10)


  • Management & Leadership Principles


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