Discovering & Enhancing Your Leadership Style


Course Curriculum

  • What is Leadership?_ D&E
    12 minutes
  • Leadership Styles_D&E
    4.0 minutes
  • Values Based Leadership_D&E
    59.0 minutes
  • How to choose Leadership Styles_D&E
    20 minutes
  • When to Use Which Leadership Style_D&E
    30 minutes
  • D&E_Module 1_Readings
    75 minutes
  • D&E_Module 1: Quiz
    20 questions
  • How To Be A Confident Leader_D&E
    6 minutes
  • How To Lead Without A Title_D&E
    9 minutes
  • Lesson On Leadership : From Mandela to Obama_D&E
    17 minutes
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership_D&E
    13 minutes
  • Sales Leadership Principles_D&E
    9 minutes
  • D&E_Module 2_Readings
    60 minutes
  • D&E_Module 2: Quiz
    15 questions
  • What Does Great Leadership Coaching Look Like_D&E
    7 minutes
  • Science Of Mentorship_D&E
    14 minutes
  • Power of Influence and Persuasion_D&E
    57 minutes
  • Mastering the Skill of Influence_D&E
    42 minutes
  • D&E_Module 3_Readings
    60 minutes
  • D&E_Module 3: Quiz
    15 questions
  • Authentic Leadership Example_D&E
    3 minutes
  • The Meaning of Integrity_D&E
    44 minutes
  • What is Integrity and How to Build Integrity_D&E
    14 minutes
  • Emotional Intelligence – How Good Leaders Become Great_D&E
    34 minutes
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership_D&E
    10 minutes
  • Changing Culture in the Workplace_D&E
    15 minutes
  • Humility is Core to Leadership_D&E
    3 minutes
  • D&E_Module 4_Readings
    195 minutes
  • D&E_Module 4: Quiz
    20 questions
  • Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders_D&E
    15 minutes
  • Making Yourself Visible a Workplace_D&E
    17 minutes
  • Advancing Women’s Leadership – Blocking Bias at Work_D&E
    60 minutes
  • Courageous Leadership_D&E
    30 minutes
  • D&E_Module 5_Readings
    150 minutes
  • D&E_Module 5: Quiz
    15 questions

Your On-line course on Social selling and Sales strategy includes

Self-Paced Multi-Format Lessons

Lessons are in a combination of Video, Audio and reading materials – which you can access on phone or desktop, at your own time.

Tools/ Templates

Each lesson is supported by tools, templates, take home slides, which will help remind you of key concepts and support easy implementation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In case if you are satisfied by this course, you are entitled to get full refund withing 2 days of purchase of this course.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course of 2 weeks of duration. You are free to take this course based on your need.

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited !! You can watch the videos and techniques explained for as much number of time you wish.

Can I have face to face interation with Instructor

No, this is an online self paced course with video demonstration. However, you are free to contact us/ your organisation HR. If we have sufficient requests- we can arrange for an interaction with the instructor/ expert on the topic. You can reach us at [email protected]

Does this course have any certificates?

We offer a course completion certificate from Northwest Executive Education.

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