Building and Leading Effective Teams

We all know that a highly motivated team is the key to accomplish your business objectives. Managers or the Leaders often fail to keep their team members enthusiastic enough. Thus, it has become a necessity that Managers should also become coach or mentor while they lead. This online course will provide you with coaching skills that will take your Managerial and Leadership potential to next level.


Leadership, coaching and team building is a 10 hour self paced course; Total video content is for  4 hr 10 minutes; there are exercising, reflection tools and quizzes integrated into the content, that makes the duration to be 10 hours. We recommend this course to be done at a self-paced of 2 hours every week, to be complete in 5 weeks.

Course Curriculum

  • Pre-Exercise_LC
    File Upload
  • Opening Slide_LC Preview
    3 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 1_LC
    0 minutes
  • The New Science of Relationships_LC
    32 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 2_LC
    1 minutes
  • How Motivation Works
    30 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 3_LC
    1 minutes
  • Coaching a Growth Culture
    40 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 4_LC
    1 minutes
  • The Growth Mindset Organization
    30 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 5_LC
    1 minutes
  • Authenticity – the “Magic Ingredient” of Leadership
    30 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 6_LC
    1 minutes
  • Lead as Coach – Taming the Seven Crocodiles
    30 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 7_LC
    1 minutes
  • Team Leadership: Optimizing Roles and Decision Making
    30 minutes
  • VO_Lesson 8_LC
    1 minutes
  • Marshall Goldsmith – Talks at Google
    65 minutes
  • Closing Slide_LC
    1 minutes
  • BelBin Team Roles – Role Summary Sheet_LC
  • BelBin Team Roles – List of Dos and Don’ts for Each Role Summary Sheet_LC
  • NW_Mindset Diagnostic Tool_LC
  • NW_Values Heirarchy Worksheet_LC
  • Self Coaching Guide_LC

Your On-line course on negotiation, persuasion and influence includes

Self-Paced Multi-Format Lessons

Lessons are in a combination of Video, Audio and reading materials – which you can access on phone or desktop, at your own time.

Tools/ Templates

Each course is supported by tools, templates, take home slides, which will help remind you of key concepts and support easy implementation.

100% Accelerated Learning

We accelerate your learning by curating high quality, well structured content and support it with tools and templates, making it easier for you to focus on what is important.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course with varying durations. You are free to take this course based on your need.

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited !! You can watch the videos and techniques explained for as much number of time you wish.

Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor

No, this is an online self paced course with video demonstration. However, you are free to contact us/ your organisation HR. If we have sufficient requests- we can arrange for an interaction with the instructor/ expert on the topic. You can reach us at [email protected]

Does this course have any certificates?

We offer a course completion certificate from Northwest Executive Education.

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